The project “NON-FORMAL METHODS IN FORMAL EDUCATION?” sets a goal to diversify and enlarge cooperation between formal and non-formal education organizations. Within the framework of a project 16 teachers and youth workers from Iceland, Estonia and Lithuania will introduce, analyze and summarize best cooperation practices between formal and non-formal education institutions used in their countries.

Thursday, December 15, 2016


6th DECEMBER 2016 DAY 2

We started our work and experience sharing today. First of all we visited Gaia School.

Gaia School is a community school in Tallinn. It was founded three years ago and currently has classes up to form 5. There are 66 students, 26 of them homeschooling students. Gaia School is following the national curriculum but is different in the means of teaching approach. Gaia school follows the principles of Gaia Education; it promotes sustainable lifestyle, caring about the Earth and wellbeing of the human being. Gaia school is a community school, our parents, children and teachers form a community where everybody has a role of the teacher and a student, we learn from each other. 

During our visit we could see some lessons, talk to students and teachers, discuss methods they use in school.

 Next useful stop  was Youth Agency, where wonderful Anna Kuzina introduced us different projects, connected to cooperations between formal education institutions and youth organizations supported by program Erasmus +
Youth Agency is the Estonian Centre for Quality and International Cooperation in the youth field.We are a department of Archimedes Foundation founded in 1997.
Youth Agency is responsible for capacity building in the youth field with a special focus on international cooperation. Our activities can be divided into three main areas: supporting the development of young people, enhancing the quality of youth work and shaping youth policy. 

During the way from tallinn to sillamäe we had lots of things to discuss and think about.

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