The project “NON-FORMAL METHODS IN FORMAL EDUCATION?” sets a goal to diversify and enlarge cooperation between formal and non-formal education organizations. Within the framework of a project 16 teachers and youth workers from Iceland, Estonia and Lithuania will introduce, analyze and summarize best cooperation practices between formal and non-formal education institutions used in their countries.

Monday, March 20, 2017


March, 23

Today we visited different educational organizations  in Kuršenai (Lithuania) and got to know, what methods are used in those organizations,

We' ve been to kindergardens, youth centers, educational center, cultural center.

Let's get aсquainted with places we visited together:

The town belongs to Šiauliai district municipality, Lithuania. Our guide from Lithuanian group Laima told, that according to the legend of local people  the town got a name in interesting way. One summer day the river Venta flooded and washed all hay bales which were standing at the river banks. People started questioning each other: where is the hay? where is the hay? („Kur šienai? Kur šienai?“). Since then, the town name stayed as Kuršėnai.

Similar to Estonian town Sillamäe in Kuršenai live about 14 000 residents.

When arrived at Kuršenai we first visited the kindergarten “Nykštukas”.  We were happy to be a part of 2 classes: physical class and singing class with  Nerilė Bernotienė.
It was interesting to see, how children are making improvisations with music and rythm.

After that we arrived  to Kuršėnai  Education Centre, discussed new ideas and experiences.
Next stop in other kindergarden in Daugėliai, where we had practical training “A tale with yoga”

After that we went to the Youth Centre of the town, got information about it' s work with youth.

Photos of the day:

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